encounters : alaska project director

Ryan Conarro


encounters : alaska interviewers

Ping Chong, Gary Upay'aq Beaver, Ryan Conarro,
Eliza Kamerling-Brown, Thomas Murray, Justin Perkins


encounters : alaska PROJECT ASSOCIATES

Bruna D'Avila
Eliza Kamerling-Brown
MacKenzie Kugel
Thomas Murray
Lili Stiefel
Amy Zhang



This archive is guided by journalistic, artistic, and aesthetic considerations. All words on the STORIES and CONVERSATIONS pages of this site were spoken by our interviewees and storytellers. Stories have been excerpted and, in some cases, edited for brevity or clarity. Some of those elisions are indicated by ellipses. We thank the community members who sat with us to share their stories and contribute to this archive, as well as to ALAXSXA | ALASKA.


dramaturgs, editors, and researchers from the New School Eugene Lang College

Hannah Berman, Eliza Kamerling-Brown, Esther Haddad, Emma Kinnison, Katie Rose Norton, Gabrielle Leyner, Rebecca Rodriguez, Stephanay Slade, David Tocci, Megan Watts, Sabrina C. Wu | Instructors: Vicky Abrash & Ryan Conarro


encounters : alaska interview transcribers

Michelle Ang, Sara Bruno, Ramad Carter, Audrey Couch, Eliza Kamerling-Brown, Zachary Kelley, MacKenzie Kugel, Annie LeFevre, Chloe Madison, Nancy Monahan, Thomas Murray, Aly Panjwani, Sophie Parens, Julian Thomas, Sophia Cohen Smith, Lili Stiefel, Tsige Tafesse, SK Vazquez, Ryan Conarro


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Katie Basile, Ryan Conarro, Adam Nadel


ALAXSXA | ALASKA: Artistic & Production Team

Directed by: Ping Chong and Ryan Conarro
Co-creators & performers: Ryan Conarro, Justin Perkins, Gary Upay'aq Beaver (Yup'ik)
Puppet & Object Design: Justin Perkins
Sound Design: Lucy Peckham
Video and Projection Design: Katherine Freer
Lighting Design: Marika Kent
Screen Design: Seth Kirby
Costume Design: Stefani Mar
Yuraq Songs, Music, & Dance: Gary Upay'aq Beaver and Wassilie Berlin, Sr. (Yup'ik)
Mask Design: Philip Charette (Yup'ik & French Canadian), Alaska Native Heritage Center
Qaspeq Costume Collaborator: Loni Hoover (Yup'ik)


Ping chong + company staff

Artistic Director: Ping Chong

Executive Director: Bruce Allardice

Associate Director: Sara Zatz

Artistic Collaborator in Residence | Education & Community Projects Associate: Ryan Conarro

Education Director: Christina Weakland

Company Manager: Kristina Varshavskaya

Communications and Project Associate: Amy Zhang

Production Manager: Courtney Golden

Community Engagement Fellow: Thomas Murray

Interns: Eliza Kamerling-Brown and SK Vazquez