Community circle: nome

A community conversation followed the Nome performance of ALAXSXA | ALASKA on September 12, 2017. Excerpts of that discussion can be found here. 

Conversations were also held following performances in the following communities: 

"So i'll start..."

I've been here since '82. Been sober for over 30 years-- 35 years. Having said all that, all the things I ended up doing in White Mountain, I do in Nome. As far as subsistence hunting, visiting Nome, making it my home. My children are born and raised here. My wife was born and raised here too. So it's been a real community when I thought it wasn't going to be. But when you open up and change your life to do different things that are helpful and just focus on the good things-- do what you can to make yourself happy, to make your family happy-- it's not always that way, but if you focus on the good things, participate where you can, share what you do.